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...dead or in pieces

Snake (head of organization)
421 earth years
Planet Voivöd
metal Aural eXtinction Equipment

Born on Planet Voivod, this subject takes a long time in "human" experiments, then change his mind in NOT being that gentle, taking a metal A.X.E. and continue his work on earth starting experiments with aural based Tortures. therefore he has been the World-Champion in saying : "Hö ??" (no one could beat).


Flosch (demagogic section)
Terra, 3rd from sun
Dynamic Resonating Urban Martyring System
none (well, some cookies maybe...)

This subject seems to be human, but resists the most tortures of Snake. So he was invited to fullify the experiments using a different sonar weapon: D.R.U.M.S.
If he isn´t working as Snake's assistant, he relaxes in watching news and other reports about destruction, pain, murder and fear.

...at more than 200 planets in this galaxy

5 (or 6 maybe?!)
Nuclear power plant
Alpha Beta Gamma radiation
USD 60.000.000
this subject is created by a nuclear mismatch (they say). Except of being a wild, awful, mass murdering, completely mad creature, he knows much about gardening. So his hobbies are conquering the world, exterminating all resistance, starting biomechanical experiments with minor beings (just like humans are) and collecting butterflies...

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